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I am a multimodal linguist and senior researcher in the Faculty of Linguistics and Literary Sciences at the University of Bremen. My area of research focuses on using discourse and empirical methods to investigate narrative strategies and interpretation across audiovisual, graphic and digital media. 

I completed my PhD in Applied Linguistics at the University of Bremen in 2010. I also have an MA in Language and Communication Research from Cardiff University (U.K.) and a BA in Linguistics and Literature Studies (University of Bath, U.K., National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan).

I specialise in developing discourse methods for analysing visual and audiovisual text structures and contents, particularly the methods for multimodal cohesion and coherence, events actions, narrative time and space.

Currently, I am applying these methods in a research project on children's understanding of transmedia narratives (with Dr. Emilia DjonovMacquarie University) and in an interdisciplinary project FakeNarrative, which is on semi-automatic detection of narrative strategies and disinformation in online news videos. 

Apart from the current research focuses, I have published papers on applying these methods to addressing a wide variety of socio-cultural and stylistic issues such as complex/non-linear film narratives, characters' developments and motivations, genre comparison, authorship, screen violence, transmedia adaptation, children's narrative interpretation and learning, persuasive functions in film.

I have also been working with scholars from the various disciplines such as computer science, psychology, education, cultural studies, ethnography, media aesthetics. I specialise in combining multimodal discourse analysis with empirical approaches such as eye-tracking experiments, automatic audio-visual detection in computer science, fMRI in neuroscience.


Email: tseng at

Twitter: @chiaoitseng


 Pro-social Play 2020: International Conference on Storytelling and Well-being across Media Borders.

25-26, June, 2020, University of Potsdam, Germany.

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